Under 13s needed for next season

As our teams move up through the age groups they increase the numbers of players in a side. Once they reach the age of 12 (Under 13s) they have a full squad of 11 players on the pitch.

Under 12s Black at St George's Park

Under 12s Black on a visit to St George’s Park

This creates a need for a bigger team and an opportunity for new players to get involved or for others to move into a squad from another area if that suits them.

Nova United Black Under 12s is in this position as it moves up to U13 next season and is now looking to recruit players to join in competitively from September.

It’s a great opportunity to get involved in a friendly team which takes part in league fixtures as well as tournaments and organises other activities and outings for its players whenever the chance arises.

Anyone interested in taking part will be welcome to get to know the team at training sessions this season – just get in touch.

Click here to find out more about the team and get in touch.

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If your child thinks this season might be the time to get involved in football, we’d love to see them. You can get in touch by emailing us at: enquiry@novaunitedfc.co.uk