Our teams

Nova United Junior Football Club consists of the teams listed below (2023/24 season). You will also find the names of the managers.

For each team there is a link to its immediately upcoming league fixtures on the FA Full Time website.

Some teams have their own page which is also linked below.


Nova U7s

Nova Sharks, Manager: Will Jackson


Nova U8s

Nova United, Manager: Ash Jones

Nova Blaze, Manager: Wayne Vaughan

Nova Jets, Manager: Adam Hartshorn


Nova U9s

Nova Spitfires, Manager: Richard Hall – visit the team page

Nova Stars, Manager: Dan Brennan

Nova Rockets, Manager: Rachel Drake

Nova Eagles, Manager: Nick Locke


Nova U10s

Nova United, Manager: James Barlow

Nova Ad Astra, Manager: Mark Hyland

Nova United Storm, Manager: Jamie Edgerton


Nova U11s

Nova United, Manager: Andy Howard – visit the team page

Nova Wolves, Manager: Steve Parkes


Nova U12s

Nova United, Manager: Mike Matthews

Nova Stars, Manager: Tom Tellwright

Nova Hawks, Manager: Ben Harrison – visit the team page


Nova U13s

Nova Wolves, Manager: Michael Hodson

Nova Giants, Manager: Tom Clarke / James Cooper


Nova U14s

Nova Bullets, Manager: Martin Cotterill


Nova U15s

Nova United, Manager: Chris Latham

Nova Galaxy, Manager: Jamie Edgerton


Nova U16s

Nova United, Manager: Elliott Rhodes – visit the team page



If your child thinks this season might be the time to get involved in football, we’d love to see them. You can get in touch by emailing us at: enquiry@novaunitedfc.co.uk