Rain stops play – again!

We’re sorry to say that the decision has been taken to cancel training at Shuker Field this morning.

The Chairman made a very early visit to the site and discovered, following the persistent overnight rain, that the pitches are covered with standing water and are clearly impossible to use.

The ground was still very soft anyway, so it didn’t take much to waterlog them.

Just when we thought spring had arrived this is even harder to take, but please be assured that the committee members don’t make decisions like this lightly when they know everyone is so keen to get out and train.

It does, unfortunately, put a question mark over whether tomorrow’s home games are likely to happen… However, it’s not impossible so please check this website in the morning. We will post an update to our announcement bar (the yellow message strip on each page) by about 8am with a decision.

Enjoy your Saturday.

If your child thinks this season might be the time to get involved in football, we’d love to see them. You can get in touch by emailing us at: enquiry@novaunitedfc.co.uk