It’s not fine to rack up costs!

We’re all involved in football for the love of the game and to enable young people to take part in it week in, week out.

Sometimes though, that enthusiasm boils over into some, shall we say, exuberant behaviour.

Red cards can mean finesPast a certain age, the FA can impose fines based on referee recommendations for reactions that fall outside the laws of the game. The FA is pretty hot on enforcing those fines, within strict timescales, and if they’re not paid in the time limits they start increasing.

What this means is that when fines are incurred Nova United often has to pay them and then try to get the money back from the players involved. This can prove tricky and can put managers in an awkward position.

When unpaid fines start to accumulate that impacts on the whole club and is unfair on those who pay their membership subscription and stick to the rules.

So, firstly, we’d like to say plainly that if players can’t stick to the laws of football and do incur fines they should take a long hard look at themselves – and we’d hope parents will have something to say on the topic too!

Secondly, if you do get fined, expect the club to demand you repay it for them before you are allowed to play again. We hate to be harsh, but it’s only fair on everyone.

All that said, this is a great club with great players and coaches, a fantastic reputation within the leagues it is part of and last year’s recipient of the Shropshire FA Fair Play Award. We don’t have the biggest problem in this area – but we are determined to handle fines in a way that is fair to all when they happen.

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