Joining in

Nova United has teams for children from six to 18 years of age. Training is designed to ensure it is fun as well as a effective in boosting their skills and strategic understanding of the game of football. Most of the teams also play in their relevant football leagues, enjoying weekly matches against other sides from around Telford and wider parts of Shropshire and its surrounds.

Nova United is fully supportive of all aspects of the FA Respect initiative, which engages everyone involved in youth football. Find out more here.


Training generally takes place on a Saturday morning, at Shuker Fields, Newport, from 9am. NOTE: In January and February our teams are on all-weather surfaces, NOT at Shuker Fields. Click here for more…

Due to the number of team, some do start a bit later and there are one or two who have training sessions on weekday evenings, either routinely or at certain times of year. It’s worth checking with individual managers for their schedules.

However, anyone who wants to see what goes on for themselves should come down to Shuker Field on a Saturday morning from 9am to see the club in full swing!


Matches are played on Sundays throughout the football season, weather and ground conditions permitting. They are governed by Shropshire FA, part of the Football Association of England.

Only players signed to a team for competitive purposes are eligible to take part in official matches, for reasons of insurance and making certain that players are verified as being in their correct age groups.

There is a limit to the number of players a team can sign (e.g. the under 9s can currently sign a maximum of 14 players for their seven-a-side league, and so on). Once a team has signed its full compliment for the season, it cannot add any more, except for replacing any that drop out.

That does not mean, however, that non-signed players cannot enjoy the benefits of training with Nova United. At their discretion, managers are generally happy for non-signed players to take part. And who knows, they may go on to be next year’s signed players!


The involvement of parents is just as important to the club as that of the young people who play. There are many roles that can be played, from taking an occasional turn in the clubhouse coffee and snack shop on a Saturday morning, to taking a position on the committee, coaching and managing teams or being a referee or running the line for home matches on Sundays. Fundraisers are also very welcome because it costs a lot to lease and maintain the pitches and clubhouse as well as providing a wide array of clothing and equipment for the players and coaches.

We don’t consider it unreasonable that parents should be expected to play as active a role as they can in the club and teams may be picked on a number of criteria including attendance record, parental involvement in the club and child’s behaviour, commitment and ability.

Code of Conduct

We are a very welcoming and friendly club which tries to include as many people as possible. We don’t ask much of players and their parents, but we do ask them to read and abide by the Nova United Code of Conduct [Adobe PDF file for download].

If your child thinks this season might be the time to get involved in football, we’d love to see them. You can get in touch by emailing us at: