Fixtures – as a result of the UK Government’s new national COVID-19 restrictions, the impact on ‘non elite’ football in England will include the suspension of all fixtures and training for indoor and outdoor youth grassroots football

This page contains the weekly fixtures for Nova United teams’ matches, both home and away.

  • Please be aware, it is a live document, reflecting changes as they are made. If it shows ‘TBC’ (To Be Confirmed) it is because that information is not yet available but will be added as soon as possible – usually it will be complete by the end of Thursday. It takes time to pull all of the pieces together.
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Important note: Parents, guardians and players, do please take any direct messages from your managers and coaches as the correct information. We cannot guarantee that any last minute updates they receive will be instantly reflected here.

Fixtures for 24th January 2021

Home Team
Away Team
Kick-off time
Meet-up time
U7sNova United U7vTBCTBC
U8sNova United U8 PumasvTBCTBC
U9sNova United U9vTBCTBC
U9sNova United U9 StarsvTBCTBC
U10sNova United U10 GiantsvTBCTBC
U10sNova United U10 WolvesvTBCTBC
U11sNova United U11 BulletsvTBCTBC
U11sNova United U11 EaglesvTBCTBC
U12sNova United U12 All StarsvTBCTBC
U12sNova United U12 GalaxyvTBCTBC
U12s Nova United U12vTBCTBC
U13s Nova United U13vTBCTBC
U14s Nova United U14vTBCTBC
U15sNova United U15vTBCTBC
U17s Nova United U17vTBCTBC