Nova United Football Festival 2018

football in the back of the netWelcome to our 2018 festival

You and your supporters can follow all the day’s action via the live updating results and league table service.

Choose from the links below to view your age group (this will open in a new window):


Please be reminded that photographs will be taken throughout the day. Please could all managers confirm with their respective sets of parents and supporters that there are no objections to these photos being used for official club purposes including the Nova club website. Nova will not be responsible for the taking of or use of any pictures or videos by unauthorised third parties during the day.

First Aid

In the event anyone requiring any first aid assistance, please approach any Nova coach or representative. A First aid kit, accident record book and defibrillator are also available at the clubhouse.

Should an ambulance need to be called the postcode for Shuker Fields are as follows: TF10 7DS (Audley Ave access) and TF10 7NS (Clubhouse).


Please be reminded that all referees, coaches and organisers have given their own time today to make this tournament happen. Please abide by FA Respect principles and remind your parents and supporters if need be.

Enjoy your day at Nova!

Most of all the club wish you all a great day with us. Please make use of the refreshments and stalls located in and around our clubhouse.

If your child thinks this season might be the time to get involved in football, we’d love to see them. You can get in touch by emailing us at: