Training for the new season resumes at Shuker Field on Saturday 7th September, 9am. See you then!

How do you work out the fees?

We have, through great efforts of committee members over time, worked very hard to keep the membership fees as low as possible.

This has been done by asking for occasional contributions to pieces of kit (shorts, socks, etc), attracting sponsors, benefiting from the generosity of people willing to referee at no cost and careful financial management.

We understand that we are one of the lowest cost clubs in the county. Annual membership is just £90 for players who are registered with the FA to take part in the league. We are keen to try and keep our fees below the £100 mark and we hope parents appreciate the value this offers.

Players who are not registered to play in the league but do wish to train with us and play friendly matches are only asked to pay our basic membership fee of £45.

The fees the club charges help to cover some of our many costs, including maintaining the pitches and clubhouse, insurances, FA affiliation costs, supplying teams with training equipment and footballs and funding hundreds of medals and trophies given out at the award ceremonies our teams hold each year.