Defibrillator ready for rollout

Defibrillator case

Fundraising efforts by the players, coaches and parents at Nova United to buy and install a potentially life-saving defibrillator are about to pay off!

The Nova United defibrillator storage case

Ready to be deployed at Shuker Field

A fun run at our Shuker Field base at the start of a training session in the 2016-17 season raised more than £300 towards this vital piece of first aid equipment.

The committee pledged to match that amount from club reserves and now we have the full package ready to be installed. The defibrillator was acquired first and the secure storage box has taken a little longer to source, but we now have both parts.

The defib will be installed at the entrance to the clubhouse, behind the shutters, meaning it will be available every time the field is in use by the club or by visitors – the times when there are the most people on site.

A significant number of the managers and coaches have completed an FA Emergency Aid course, which includes the use of the defibrillator, though the device is designed to be used by anyone as it gives verbal instructions when in use or can be operated with an Ambulance Service operator on the phone.

Hopefully it will never be needed, but we would rather have it there for everyone’s benefit. Well done to everyone who contributed to buying it!

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