Change at the top for Nova United

Nova United is extremely fortunate to have the services of some very dedicated individuals who work to ensure the club remains the well-run institution it is today.

Richard Jones

Outgoing chairman (but new manager!) Richard Jones

For the last three years the chairman has been Richard Jones, who has carried out a wide and varied range of tasks during his time, from negotiating leases to checking the state of the pitches while many people are still in bed on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Now Richard has decided it’s time to step down and we would like to put on record our huge thanks for his tremendous work in keeping the club on course for the benefit of hundreds of Newport’s young people.

That doesn’t mean he gets to have his Sunday mornings back, however, as Richard is moving in to management, taking on the team that will be next year’s Nova United U14s from league secretary, David Bate.

Ted Bowen, Nova United

New Nova United chairman, Ted Bowen

Of course there has to be a new chairman and we’re delighted to report that the previous vice chair, Ted Bowen, has stepped forward and been elected by the committee and managers to take over.

Ted is a long-time football fan (and player) as well as being a committed team manager for many years.

Ted said: “On behalf of myself, the committee, the managers and coaches, parents, guardians and the hundreds of players who have been involved in our club during his three-year tenure as chairman, I want to say a massive thank you to Richard for his work. It takes up no small amount of your life being chairman of a large club like this and the problems all, eventually, stop at your door so he’s done a great job managing that for three years in a row. We’re all very pleased though that he will remain a key part of the club as he moves into being a manager – itself no small job!”

Matt Tomkinson, Nova United

New Nova United vice chairman, Matt Tomkinson

The new chairman will be supported in his role by another experienced manager, Matt Tomkinson, who we’re delighted has agreed to be our next vice chairman. Matt and Ted’s teams finished this season as our two under 16 teams. They are now looking into joining the Shropshire County Minor Football League, again with Nova, as there is still a desire for the majority of their players to continue playing football within the Under 17/18 age group.

Please bear in mind that we always need new input for a variety of roles in the club and any parent, guardian, manager or coach is welcome to come along to committee meetings and offer input or make themselves available for the roles available. All contributions, of whatever scale, are hugely valued by the club and bring with them a very pleasant social side as a bonus! We’re a nice bunch!

So, with this our 40th season drawing to a conclusion, preparation begins for the next. Watch this space…


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