Cash for good cause raised by fun run

Our little fun run a handful of weeks back added something different to a Saturday morning’s training and, more importantly, raised crucial funds for a great cause.

We collected £300 on the day and, with the committee pledging to match it, we now have enough to purchase a defibrillator for the clubhouse.

This vital piece of equipment will be on-hand on training and match days ready to be used for anyone, player, official or spectator, who has a cardiac incident. Many of our coaches and managers are trained the use of an automatic defib, but even for those who aren’t, the equipment provides its own simple to follow instructions during use. It can also be used when you have a 999 call handler on the phone and can make a critical difference to a person’s chances of survival.

We’ll be installing the defib at the clubhouse soon and will update you here when that happens.

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Please note that there will be no training at Shuker Fields on Saturday 24th October due to half term